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Signature Commercial Roofing in college station

Commercial roofing in College Station from Texas Signature protects everything that supports your livelihood. You can’t afford to have water leaks that can destroy your records, your supplies, your inventory, and other necessary components that keep your business running. Thing is, with a commercial flat roof, you can’t really see whether there’s an issue until it becomes a real problem. That’s why we recommend routine inspections and maintenance—to nip problems in the bud before they become expensive.

Our Service Guarantee 

You should get a good 20-25 years out of your EPDM or TPO flat roof, but sometimes Mother Nature has other ideas and hurls down a mess of trouble. Hail can puncture the membrane, extreme heat and UV rays can blister your coating, and wind will deposit organic matter that can create rot.

A few hours of prevention is worth its weight in expensive, future repairs. We’re knowledgeable, quick, and we work with the utmost integrity. We are the College Station area’s commercial roofing experts, and we’ll ensure you never experience downtime. We strictly adhere to personal standards to ensure you get superior service and a quality product:


We’re College Station's experts on roofing installations, repairs, and maintenance of TPO and EPDM flat roofs.


We take care to avoid disturbing your workflow and other processes of your business.


We keep the safety and comfort of your staff and clients in mind while we work.


We use only the finest tools and equipment and superior quality roofing products.


Our goal is to avoid making a mess, and to clean up after ourselves at the end of the day.

A Few Hours of Prevention Is Worth the Cost of Replacement.

We’re happy to repair your commercial roofing in College Station or the surrounding areas, but we’re just as happy making sure you don’t have to go through that time and expense. With routine roofing installations and repairs in College Station, we’ll hop on top of your commercial building at regular intervals, and we’ll go over everything with a fine-tooth comb, from checking the integrity of the membranes and coatings to the condition of the seals around the plumbing stacks, pipe vents, and the HVAC system. We’ll supply you with photos of any problems we may find, and we’ll offer you a fair and honest estimate for any work that might be needed to keep your roof in perfect condition.

Other Services

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Roof Cleanings

A clean roof is a more secure roof. Regular maintenance will protect your investment.