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Signature Roof Cleaning in college station

When you leave stuff lying around the house or the yard to get dirty, eventually that neglect tends to take its toll and the stuff begins to wear out or rot. The same is true for the roof over your house. The organic debris, grime, and mildew that collects in the valleys and behind the vents and hatches will eat away at the shingles that provide your roof with its first defense against the natural elements. Given enough time, that rot will get deeper into the underlayment and decking of your roof, and will eventually reach the rafters and the rest of your attic. We’d rather that didn’t happen. It’s not good for the overall condition of your home, which is why we offer roof cleaning services to College Station and the surrounding areas.

A Clean House Is a Comfortable Home

With the weather and climate in College Station, roof cleaning is prudent to maintain the condition and structural integrity of the whole system, but it’s also important to the aesthetic appeal of your home. After a hard day at work, the last thing you want is to pull up and see that your house looks a bit tired and worn. Your home should be a source of pride for you and your family—and the roof has a lot to do with that. From roof inspection and cleaning to gutter services and replacements, College Station’s experts Texas Signature Roofing are here to help you.

Some of the additional services and cleaning methods we use include the following:


Leaf Blower Cleaning

One of the most straightforward and cost-effective cleaning methods is employing a leaf blower. It’s an excellent tool for clearing your roof and inspecting gutters for other services and replacements in College Station. However, the leaf blower cleaning technique falls short when it comes to removing embedded stains or accumulated grime.


Opting for Low-Pressure Wash

Low-pressure washing with less than 1,000 psi is a milder cleaning procedure to remove mold and debris. Our expert cleaners may use a blend of detergents or some other solution to remove stains. This is a bit more costly because it is more labor intensive than power and chemical washes.


Choosing a Soft Wash

Soft wash roof cleaning is the most labor-intensive approach, but is the safest for all types of roofs. It combines low-pressure washing, chemical washing, and manual cleaning, with a water pressure of 100 psi or lower to dislodge debris, followed up with brushes and cleaning products to remove spots and stains.


Chemical Washes

A chemical wash provides an optimal strategy to eliminate the excessive growth of mold, lichen, and mildew. Our expert cleaners apply anti-fungal and anti-algae agents, which create premium results after several days. It’s sufficiently safe and mild for the majority of common roofing materials.


Metal Roof High-Pressure Wash

High-pressure washing is a straightforward, eco-friendly, and a highly effective way of clearing debris, mold, mildew, and dirt from metal roofs. We do not recommend this method for roofs with asphalt shingles or clay tiles to avoid damage and invalidating the warranty that came with your roof.

Roof Cleaning in College Station

Without climbing onto your roof, you never really know what condition to expect. From the ground, you might not notice places that have rotted and have left holes for wasps, rodents, and other pests to invade your home. And without a close-up inspection of the valleys and the seals around the vents and pipe boots, you can’t see places where storm water can seep into the house.

Contact us for an inspection and free estimate. Our team has years of experience with gutter service and roof cleaning for College Station’s homes, so we know what we’re looking for, and we know all the solutions.

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